My great friend Jeff and I went for a little dive.  We drift dive Black Rock off Ka’anapali Beach.  This is a very easy dive that we do often.  We also like to jump off the cliff and swim back around to the beach.  But today, we explore below the surface.

We have done this dive many off times and are guaranteed turtle sightings.  We swim with them and next to them and align a few shots that show us swimming together.  Its always a great experience.  
This dive we would have that same experience of swimming and frolicking with the turtles.  Only today I happened to spot another turtle off by the end of our dive.  As we swam over, it seemed not to be bothered by us in the water.  
As we got close, I noticed the turtle had a sort of pose about its position.  I calmly swam to the front of and mirrored the position of the turtle.  I allowed gravity to let me sink and sit in the sand face to face with this beautiful creature.  The turtle never moved.  
After enjoying my connection to the turtle for a few short moments, I pulled the camera forward.  It was at that time the turtle made the slightest movement.  Only with its neck, it stuck its head up as to refine the pose.  As if to make sure and give me the best shot I could get.
The image in this post was exactly that.  I took one shot and then would sit with the turtle and once again, enjoy the connection we had.  The turtle never moved.  After a bit I got up and circled for on round of shots.  This was the only shot I liked from the series when I later reviewed them.  
As I swam off the turtle still again never moved.  I could see that its neck was slightly more relaxed as I turned away.  
This was such a fun image to capture.  I have taken a great number of turtle shots, and wildlife for that matter, and only rarely have I had a connection to the subject in this manner.  It was this connection that makes this image memorable to me.  I will always remember the time I spent with this Honu.  
The shot above has very minimal processing to it.  I added a vignette to the edges and small bit of lightening.  The clear foreground falling into the ocean colors of the background are natural. Visibility was great on this day led to a memorable dive.
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