Happy Fourth of July.  Have a great image from Alaska to share.  I shot this a 6:04 AM.  The light was great in Alaska.  I took this shot early on one of the first days I was there.  I continued to watch the wind and the clouds on top Mt Marathon and never found a time where both the wind was blowing the flag around and the mountain top was clear.  In the end, this is still a cool shot.  

I mentioned in my first Alaska post that Mount Marathon holds the oldest race west of the Mississippi.  Once you start up the hill and get out of the tree line, you make it up to the path you see on the left.  That path continues to the top.  And then the racers jam down the mountain. Today, the race is on.  I have not seen that myself, but thought I would share a picture before the storm kinda thing.  
This shot was taken of the flag poll at the local VFW, just down the street.  
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