We just had a great time at Disney Land.  Because this was my first trip, I took only my handheld point and shoot.  I wanted to play and have fun more so than shoot all day.  I made the right choice. There was no safe place for my camera on ‘California Screamin’ 5 times or Space Mountain 4 times, other than my pocket.

While about the park, we did come across a few photo ops.  I found a few shots that I wanted to be in.  I composed my shot and had my girlfriend take them for me.  
The shot of Mator and I was my favorite.  This shot came out great, with the exception of me shaking my head during the exposure.  As a quick snapshot, I love this picture.  When we walked by this character, it came to me very quickly to get into the action and make a cool picture.  
Wouldn’t it be cool to have a real car that looked like this cartoon roadster?  I think it would be fun to drive around in a cool little, environmentally friendly toon car.

Can you tell where reality ends and imagination begins in the bottom picture?  This was a cool spot as well.  As we were walking, the street sort of emptied.  This was a hurried shot.  I passed my camera over, said take a couple and started walking away.  We got this one good shot of me walking down the middle of the road before people filtered in.  
I have to admit that it was fun compose and create an image of myself in the surroundings.  I think that this is something that I am going to start playing with for more often.  

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